History of KIBS


Children are at the heart of our school’s foundation.  Seeing the need for an environment where children’s curiosity could be nurtured, and where they could develop a love of learning from a young age in a truly bilingual setting, KIBS was established in 2008.

As our children and school community grew, a Primary school was necessary to carry on the high standard of teaching and learning, and so our Seebach campus was opened in 2013.  We continue to expand each year but are determined to adhere to our ethos of small class sizes and dedicated teaching staff in our non-profit organisation. 


Our mission here at KIBS is to offer a high quality and innovative international and national education that places the child at the centre of learning and motivates it to reach her/his full potential in a respectful and accepting environment. By presenting all learning through interactive teachings, the children at KIBS are not only taught in a supportive, class atmosphere and smaller groups, but also on an individual level which ensures that each student is receiving the best possible education. The children are constantly engaged in meaningful experiences that challenge and promote academic excellence.

At the heart of our school philosophy is our Bilingual Concept. As a truly bilingual school, our entire curriculum is taught in both German and English. With such a large international community, Zürich is home to many families with professional and personal ties around the world. It is very important to KIBS that our children are able to fully participate in a global society both now and in their future.

Here at KIBS, children are taught all aspects of the curriculum in German and English with 50% of the day dedicated to each language. Our main goal is for students to develop a high level of language proficiency and to demonstrate high levels of academic achievement. In order to deliver an authentic language experience and to encourage fluidity between languages, school staff communication with children in their own first language (German or English).

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