As a foreigner, I think what KIBS provided perfect fit what I want:

1. Half day German and half day English—Because I move a lot from one country to other, it is very important that my daughter can learn English and local language at the same time.
2. Reasonable price with less holiday and long open horse daily—Thanks for all the teachers hard work, that means less holiday and rest time of you.
3. Good location which took us less time to send and pick my daughter.

The above 3 are the main reasons I choice KIBS.

And as time passing by, I found I made a right decision because:
1. Good education and communication channel, like feedback kid’s status every day, parents conference, special event for kids and parents, and even special event for parents only.
2. The teacher and administrator are all very professional and I can see the quickly grown up of my daughter in language, behave, habit etc.

Thanks again and wish KIBS can develop better and better.


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