Imagine your child smiles at you in the morning while good-byeing to you and it laughs again when you pick it up in the would go to work with an eased mind, having deep trust that your child is well taken care of during the day while you are being separated from it. Wouldn’t that be a daycare or kindergarten where you like your child to be educated when you are off to work?
We found this place for both of our children in Kids Island.
Since six years professional teams and management of the groups Little Teddy’s, Little Bees, Little Stars and Little Einsteins have been working enthusiastically, open minded and tireless with our children in a multi-cultural environment. They teach our kids a multifaceted learning program and boost the development of our kids based on the their individual personalities. Kids Island is the right choice for us and we love seeing how great our kids have grown up under the umbrella of this family.
We like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! to all teachers, assistants, trainees, cooks, helpers and the complete management of Kids Island for taking care thoroughly, profoundly and affectionately of our children, for all the every day effort you put into this care and into the development of the the kids as well as for the many events you organize throughout the years enabling us as parents to take part into the children's lives in Kids Island. We are looking forward to the years to come in KIBSZ.
Family J.  Pre-K and Kindergarten Parent

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