Early years

Our Day Care team are highly motivated and trained to care for the youngest members of KIBS in a safe, loving environment.  Through our bilingual concept, our babies are encouraged to understand and communicate in both English and German.  We believe that children are naturally curious and want to learn and discover the world around them. This lies at the heart of our school philosophy. Our staff constantly play and interact with the children, working with each child individually, to help them reach their early development milestones in a caring and stimulating learning environment. It is really this loving, undivided attention and devotion to the child that is important to us. This deep relationship provides the emotional support needed for the very diverse and complex developmental tasks. Rituals and recurring activities as well as a relaxed environment help the children to feel secure and supported.


Age range

Group size

Care givers

Minimum attendance


Little Teddies

3 to 24 months

8 children

1-2 teachers / 2 assistants

2 full days

Early stimulation

Little Bees

18 months to 3 years

8 to 11 children

1-2 teacher / 2 assistants

2 full days

Early stimulation and Maria Montessori

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