Extra-Curricular Activities

Pre-K and Kindergarten

KIBS aims to help nurture and develop the child as a whole, therefore we offer in our bilingual program the opportunity for children to expand their learning experiences with extracurricular activities.  We offer a range of courses including yoga, art, aerobic and music.  Each of our specialized subject teachers is highly qualified and experienced in their field. (Each additional course is offered at an additional cost and is subject to class sizes)


Extra-Curricular Clubs

KIBS offers extra-curricular clubs for primary pupils during their lunch break.  Children are free to sign up for a variety of clubs each semester.  From Drama to art, Choir to sport, Zumba to chess; each club is different.  Children have the opportunity to join a club to follow their strengths and passions, while interacting with other children of similar interests.  They provide experiences not necessarily addressed in the formal curriculum, but allow children to build their self-esteem and apply their knowledge and skills in a different context. As a part of our clubs selection, we established the KIBS football team in collaboration with a soccer school. A Specialist coach trains our pupils each week and leads them in a local school football tournament. Football training is offered at an additional cost.

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