KIBS curriculum has been developed to incorporate elements of the Canton Zürich curriculum, IB Program and British National Curriculum.  Small class sizes and a dedicated Teaching Assistant in each classroom allows our teachers to focus on the needs of individual children and tailor the lessons to address each child’s level of learning. Through themed units of work, children are encouraged to question and explore the world around them.  Cross-curricular planning aims to connect subject learning and give children a ‘real life learning’ experience.  Our curriculum is taught equally through English and German language, ensuring our pupils have a truly bilingual educational experience.  Central to our school philosophy is our aim to make our curriculum accessible to every child.  Using differentiation and a variety of teaching strategies, teachers support individual pupils to reach their full potential at all levels; supporting struggling pupils, challenging and extending more able pupils.  At KIBS, we want to offer a learning experience that will excite and inspire children to be lifelong learners.


Class size


Minimum attendance


6 to 12 years

12 – 15 children

1 teacher / 1 assistant in both languages


KIBS Curriculum

Assessment and feedback

Our curriculum is taught through the immersion of English and German.  Our pupils are taught to read, write and communicate fluently in both languages, and are assessed as such.  Teachers constantly monitor the progress of their pupils through formative assessment, and adjust their lessons according to the needs of each child.  Individual lessons are scheduled so that teachers can target each child’s areas for development and support them on an individual basis.

Dedicated Assessment Weeks take place at the end of each themed unit of learning.  Teachers assess the progress of the pupils through a variety of creative and challenging tasks. 

While we deliver short feedback on a daily basis to parents, we also provide a detailed written report of each child’s academic, social and emotional development twice a year.  Our biannual Parent Teacher conferences allow dedicated time to discuss the strengths of the child as well as how to support and push their learning forward.

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